A HELPING HAND – Lions Sliema

October 2022

Our twinned Club Bosco Marengo Santa Croce will be giving a helping hand to the Maltese person going to the “Guide Dogs for the Blind Training Centre” at Limbiate, Italy. While in Alessandria Lion Treasurer Alex Arena met Lion Alessandro Crivelli, the President of our twinned club, and Lion Rosalba Marengo to finalise details about the visit of the visually impaired person who will be going to Limbiate to familiarise himself with the guide dog which he will be bringing to Malta.

Lions Club Bosco Marengo Santa Croce will cover the costs of the airport
transfers to and from Linate Airport to Limbiate. They will also coordinate all
the necessary support required. For the second visit, our twinned club
members will also be taking care of the necessary paperwork to get a “pet
passport” to bring the dog to Malta. They will also assist in getting a priority
check-in for the group.

Lion President Alessandro and Rosalba will then travel to Malta for the
donation of the guide dog ceremony at a date to be established later. The
President also expressed his wish to meet our Club President when they travel to Malta for our 48th Charter Anniversary next month.

The cooperation of Lions Bosco Marengo Santa demonstrates the validity of
having a twinned club. Our two clubs have been cooperating for the last few

Newsletter October 2022

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