Board Members and Officers 2023/2024

Lions Club Sliema

BOARD OF DIRECTORS  – 2023 /2024 

The Lionstic Year July 1, 2023, to July 30, 2024: 

PRESIDENT: Karl Grima Bezzina
SECRETARY: Lorna Farrugia
TREASURER: Alexander Arena
DIRECTORS: 1 Year (2022-2023)  Marie Therese Cuschieri
  Martin Ward
  Doreen Davis
DIRECTORS: 2 Years (2022-2024) Tom Restall
  Alfred Micallef Attard 
  Louise Cutajar Davis
MEMBERSHIP Vivienne Zammit
Lion Tamer:  responsible for storing the tools the club needs (flags, banners, name tags), as well as the valuables (bell and gavel) and they, are available at every meeting. Louis Sciberras
Tail Twister:  is to promote harmony, good fellowship and enthusiasm at club meetings through appropriate stunts and games and a judicious imposition of fines on club members. Arlette Grech

 Current President

Each year a new Lion becomes the President of the Lions Club Sliema.

Lions Sliema Club President 2023/2034

Karl Grima Bezzina 

Karl has been a Lions member since 2019. Born in Malta on 14th January 1982, Karl started his studies at the University of Malta, graduating in Agriculture in 2002. During his time at University Karl has been involved with a number of student organisations, such as AISEC as well as SDM. He also served on the University student council as a social policy officer.

After graduating, Karl started his career as a Senior Officer with the Government of Malta, working on Agricultural EU affairs, representing Malta on a number of high-level committees dealing in Agricultural affairs within the European Union. Karl was promoted to Principal Officer within the Ministry for Rural Affairs. During this time, he continued his studies, graduating with a BSc. (Hons) in Mediterranean Agro-Eco Systems from the University of Perugia. He furthered his studies by following his passion in the culinary arts where he graduated once again from the University of Malta in Gastronomy.

In 2012, Karl took the leap and founded Karrot & Ko, a catering company offering B2B solutions, contract catering and canteen management. Nowadays, Karl still manages Karrot & Ko, which is in its eleventh year of operation. His passion for food and service continues as he even provided various services to the Sliema Lions Club during a number of events organized. Karl apart from his passion for the kitchen, is also keen on fitness where he regularly participates in runs and obstacle races both locally and abroad.

Karl has been a regular attendant to a number of Lions events, through the introduction by his late Aunt, Lion Isabelle Micallef, whom she also introduced to the club and eventually as a regular member.

Karl is married to Daniela.









Norman Wilson
1 st July 2022 – 30 th June 2023

Norman Wilson

Norman Wilson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1947. After attending Bathgate Academy he went on to university in Glasgow where he graduated with a degree in Economics. After a further year in Glasgow Norman obtained a Post Graduate Certificate of Education. Norman taught Economics and Economic History at The High School of Glasgow, a top grant-aided private school, and was promoted to head of the department after 2 years. During this time he co-authored an Economics Text Book aimed at bankers for their AIB.
He then went on to a very different kind of school in Clydeside, Govan High School, and a year later he received further promotion to Portobello High School in Edinburgh.

It was then that Norman studied for a Masters Degree in Philosophy and Psychology at Edinburgh University graduating with distinction. 

During this time Norman was also involved in voluntary work with the Roman Catholic Church as Managing Director of Laetare Youth Hostel which offered restful holidays for disadvantaged overseas students.

A move to London saw him as a Senior Teacher (Assistant Head) in Billericay High School, one of the largest secondary schools in England where he was promoted to Deputy Headmaster. 

Norman has always wanted to live in Malta and so in 2000, his wish became reality. He obtained a post as Director of Studies and Deputy Headmaster at St Edward’s College, Malta, retiring 6 years later. 

In 1973 Norman married Victoria and has one son and 2 grandsons. 

Norman was invited to join Valletta Circle, Catenian Association, where he became Secretary, Vice-President, and then President in 2012. In 2016 he became Area Councillor then Provincial Councillor.

The current Lion President, Margaret Frendo introduced Norman to the Lions Club, Sliema, to give a talk on Antique Glass in Malta a subject he has written several papers on, some of which have been published and have been a glass consultant to MUZA. He has also given talks to the Club on Malt Whisky, Wine, Port, Sherry, Chinese Snuff Bottles (2 talks), George Fenech (Artist) and Persian Carpets.

During the Club’s Holiday in France in 2018, Norman was officially asked to join by the Membership Officer Lion Vivienne Zammit. He has recently resigned his post as Provincial Councillor with Valletta Circle to take on the Presidency of our Club.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS  – 2020 /2021 

President WILSON Norman
Immediate Past President FRENDO Margaret
1st Vice President MUSCAT Victoria
2nd Vice President GRIMA BEZZINA Karl
Secretary FARRUGIA Lorna
Treasurer ARENA Alexander
Membership Director ZAMMIT Vivienne

LCIF Coordinator

Lions Club International Foundation

Directors – July 2021 – June2023

DAVIS Doreen

Directors – July 2020 – June 2022


Lion Tamer:  responsible for storing the tools the club needs (flags, banners, name tags) as well as the valuables (bell and gavel) and see they are available at every meeting.


Tail Twister:  is to promote harmony, good fellowship and enthusiasm at club meetings by appropriate stunts and games and a judicious imposition of fines on club members.



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