A group of members went to Bosco Marengo for our twinned club’s charter anniversary which was celebrated on Saturday, May 14 2022.

Our twinned Club members had prepared a full programme of events visiting places of interest around the region and also including a visit to the “Blind Dogs for the Blind Foundation” in Bergamo.

This visit gave us an opportunity to assess the possibility to get a dog thereby
fulfilling our project to present this dog to the Malta Society for the Blind.

A group of Club members paid a visit to Alessandria for the Charter celebrations of our twinned club Bosco Marengo Santa Croce.  The Lions of our twinned Club prepared a programme of activities for the visit. 

The highlight of this event was a visit to the Lions Dog for the Blind Training Centre at Limbiate soon after arrival, where the group was greeted by Lion Giovanni Fossati who founded the centre.  After a briefing on the training system adopted to train dogs, mostly Labradors, the group were taken around the centre.  One of the centre’s trainers took a dog around a track having various obstacles that a blind person could encounter on the road.  It was amazing to see how the dog reacted to such situations.  Lion Treasurer Alex Arena, who was in charge of our Club’s project to acquire a dog for the blind, and Lion Giovanni Fossati discussed details about this matter and hopefully, now the Club would bring this project to fruition.


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