The Catacombs of St Agatha restoration phase complete

Dr. Angelo Farrugia, Speaker of the House of Representatives, inaugurated
the third phase of the restoration of the frescoes at St.
Agatha Catacombs at Rabat on July 7.
The restoration work was undertaken by Mr George Farrugia. Lion
Alfred Micallef Attard was responsible to oversee the restoration
work which had been going on for quite some time. There is still some more restoration to be u n d e r t a k e n mainly on the main altar of the
Dr. Farrugia praised Lions Club Sliema for undertaking this important project which enhances Malta’s cultural heritage.
In the photo below Dr. Farrugia is seen cutting a ribbon in the Lions
blue and gold colours. Also seen in the photo is IPP Lion George O.
Attard next to the Speaker. Lion Alfred Micallef Attard is first on the
right. On the left can be seen the Rev. Director of the church with
Mr George Farrugia, who did the restoration work, second left. Club
President Lion Alex Arena is at the back.
It is claimed that St. Agatha spent time in the catacombs prior to
going back to Sicily where she was eventually brutally killed. The
saint is one of the patron saints of Malta together with the Apostle
St. Paul.
The Club is proud to have undertaken this project which hopefully
will be completed in due course.
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